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SMRT Bishan Depot Open House
SMRT Bishan Depot Open House
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   SMRT 4th Gen Rolling Stock (KSF)

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C651 & C751B SMRT @ Paya Lebar - Aljuneid   

SMRT C151A New Rolling Stock
SMRT C151A New Rolling Stock


SMRT C151A New Rolling Stock
Description: (full size version)

SMRT newest rolling stock to hit the rails of the North South Line and the East West Line of Singapore. The C151A stock is built in 2010 by a joint consortium of Kawasaki Heavy Industries and CSR Sifang Locomotive Company. The train is scheduled to enter service in April 2011.
Location Singapore
Keywords: Singapore MRT SMRT
Date: 07.03.2011 19:28
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Model: E-450
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Join Date: 18.09.2009
Comments: 189
It is a shame that.....

6-car trains will always be available - only across the Causeway.
07.03.2011 20:52 Offline wrongdoings_rapidkl

Join Date: 24.01.2008
Comments: 199

I thought Komuter will have soon?
07.03.2011 22:19 Offline trainanalyst

Join Date: 18.09.2009
Comments: 189
Even if it is so......

I doubt KTM Komuter can have 80% capacity of SMRT.
07.03.2011 23:01 Offline wrongdoings_rapidkl

Join Date: 02.10.2007
Comments: 0

I think u need to understand the different between
and the rest of rail transport in Malaysia

I xplain in mixed English and Bahasa.

Anda belajar Geografi?
Anda belajar taburan penduduk?

if yes then proceed to the next

Check back taburan penduduk d S'pore dan Klang Valley

then check back SMRT stand for what

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit

then u need understand what is Mass all about
then u need understand what is Rapid all about

do they allowed their rail track for goods? Cement? or other freight or passenger services? Answer is no

ok no we check back KTMB

I think u know the meaning is.
I bet u know what other services running on their rail track.

so back to your 1st reply..
"It is a shame that.... if u keep complaining"
08.03.2011 08:19 Offline coupler

Join Date: 17.04.2009
Comments: 633

didn't know they already started testing.
08.03.2011 10:44 Offline 22139

Join Date: 20.02.2009
Comments: 0

i think you are wrong here....
let me explain to you in simple word

ada makan ikan sardin
do you know peribahasa like ikan sardin?

that is our komuter run by KTMB under 1Malaysia goverment + passenger (rakyat) = like ikan sardin

so goverment should by 6-car trainby nowwwww
08.03.2011 11:38 Offline zamzuri

Join Date: 16.11.2005
Comments: 0
6-car train

The government already bought the 6-car trains, just waiting for them to be delivered. Anyway, they brought in an ETS if I'm not mistaken to help relieve the crowds for the time being. A commuter service is like a regional service, so you can't expect frequencies of 2 minutes, especially since there's a shared section of track between KL Sentral and Putra. More so, the tracks also have to be shared for intercity and freight.

If the people can change their mindset about Komuter after the 38 sets of 6-car are brought in, I would think that KTMB will ask the government to buy more trains too. It's a matter of demand and supply, but 1 party has to start it going first. Together with the Klang Valley MRT once it's completed, people will see the benefits of rail travel - unless the MRT under-performs.
08.03.2011 12:28 Offline NickL

Join Date: 02.10.2007
Comments: 0

to compare apple to apple, mmg la

but KTMB is not for mass rapid

that's why MRT right now come into the picture in Klang Valley, even though the project for phase 1 started at high/rich area. (same mistake PutraLRT done before)

Why I said mistake? People rich family don't want their children appeare in public so that risk of "culik". THey rather drove a volvo, audi, BMW for several KM to school. Kaya maaa

If u can remember, when phase 2 of putralrt started? from Damai to Terminal GOmbak (old name) After that they realised the ridership became high because of Wangsamaju, and the station in between.

However, right now the total ridership is now high either from Kelana Jaya or Terminal Gombak (I like to call its old name) because of developement of both area.

History of both services (putraLRT and StarLRT) Nama pun LRT = Light Rail Transit or Train actually a bit late.

Biasalah Malaysia, sudah kena ketuk baru buat kerja. Because we (Malaysia) won to host Sukan Komanwel, then the project baru nak gerak, if not it will ding dong, kalau tak host that event, mungkin this projeck lagi laaa lama nak gerak.

After this so called Light Rail Transit dah tak mampu nak tampung the ridership, then the MRT masuk dalam plan as The Greater KL Project.

Bear in Mind! KTMB, ETS or Komuter Train is not part of MRT. if not KTMB also one of the Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad (SPNB).

As u know RapidKL (train+bus), ERL, Monorail is part of SPNB

As I remember my Arwah bapa said,
1. the Komuter is just mainly to transport outer Klang Valley to KL center
2. City Liner is to transport passenger from outer ring of Kuala Lumpur
3. Intrakota as a feeder bus within KL (housing area etc)

but the plan has change
As I remember, Komuter still same rule but for shorter range. ETS taking over the longer range as we can see now,

so just waiting the train to come laa...

do you know that to spend billon to purchase rolling stock for KTMB was highly debates in Parlimen since the idea to electrifying durin Tun M era?

so don't blame KTMB, Blame our MPs that who want to be hero in Parlimen that causing Rakyat became one of the ikan sardin dalam Tin cap Ayam.
08.03.2011 15:25 Offline coupler

Join Date: 02.10.2007
Comments: 0
What I mean of

KTMB, ETS or Komuter Train is not part of MRT. if not KTMB also one of the Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad (SPNB). They only participate to support this MRT project.

KTMB will never ever be in Prasarana Berhad..

KTMB will never be back in Private Sector, high risk woo..

Renong pun bungkus masa jadi leader in MArak Unggul.
08.03.2011 15:28 Offline coupler

Join Date: 18.09.2009
Comments: 189
It is a shame that.....

KL MRT will have 4-car trains instead of 6 or 8. History of Kelana Jaya Line will repeat itself. Remember the days of 2-car trains?
11.03.2011 21:02 Offline wrongdoings_rapidkl

Join Date: 02.10.2007
Comments: 0

yes, it's true, dunnow what the reason, if last time the PutraLrt supposely 4 car train, due to economy downturn, the set reduced from 4 to 2 car set and offset with class25 loco for KTMB (if this rumors is true for contra order)
11.03.2011 21:59 Offline coupler

Join Date: 18.09.2009
Comments: 189

At least they give me more reasons to write in The Star Blog.
11.03.2011 22:07 Offline wrongdoings_rapidkl

Join Date: 09.11.2009
Comments: 0
If you think carefully

..that when there are long komuter trains, then KTM Komuters will be competing with the KTM Intercity trains. This may be a reason why no 6 car trains are in KL.
15.03.2011 18:41 Offline EugeneJJC

Join Date: 15.08.2006
Comments: 0
Other Related Aspects

One should look at the management of Malaysia's land transportation as a whole.

The road infrastructure in Klang Valley area and in the city of Kuala Lumpur, could not accommodate vehicles unless all the roads are designed with minimum 4 lanes...ridiculous?

To see success in public transport administration, the government must centralise all public transport operators (road or rail) to achieve a common vision.

Malaysia's economy is dynamic, very volatile and rich with "too many" active participants, each wanting to have its own share of the pie.

(now that is the issue that has to be made clear)... Impossible?
16.03.2011 11:17 Offline Westinghouse


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