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22108 & 22109
22108 & 22109
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Class 22 Bowing OUT
Class 22 Bowing OUT


Class 22 Bowing OUT
Description: This article was in the Railways Illustrated magazine (UK). (September 2007 issue, page 55). I am proud to see the interest in Class 22 is as far as United Kingdom as they were built by English Electric
Keywords: Class22, EnglishElectric
Date: 01.09.2007 17:36
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Added by: T.Mahalingam

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Join Date: 19.03.2004

01.09.2007 21:27 Offline Jason

Join Date: 27.03.2004

Does anyone know which of these has been preserved? This article says 22102 and 22131. Previous correspondents have reported 22121 and 22131. Is 22102 now at Musium Negara?
02.09.2007 01:47 Offline TimLight99 TimLight99 at

Join Date: 31.08.2007
Preserved it !

This class 22 Locomotive is my favorites !. I like to hear the Pielstick diesel engine from this Loco when accelerate .
02.09.2007 05:27 Offline

Join Date: 19.06.2004
More needed !!!

The remaining Class 22s needs to be preserved. The last remaining locos ideally must be in working order. Restoration should be carried out including to its original colour scheme. I know it needs money, time, commitments and space. We hope KTMB and others looks at Class 22 in nostalgic manner rather than scrape metal.
02.09.2007 08:51 Offline T.Mahalingam

Join Date: 30.03.2006

It is 22121's body at Muzium Negara, they painted it with the number 22102.
02.09.2007 09:45 Offline Daniel ngqihuai at

Join Date: 20.03.2004

the 23 & 24 use SEMT Pielstick engines, not this one.
02.09.2007 10:21 Offline EMU12

Join Date: 31.08.2007
cik ! cikk ! cikkk !

No matter what type of engine this Locomotive use , for me the sound from the engine is different from from other loco except a new class 29 a bit similar .
03.09.2007 14:13 Offline

Join Date: 20.03.2004
duh! duh! duh!

ah yes, but the different sound which you seem to care about does not come from a Pielstick, but EE CVST ;-)
03.09.2007 16:25 Offline EMU12

Join Date: 31.08.2007
Pieilstick engine

Dear hafizi !, Can you pls explain a bit what is a different in betwen pielstisk and normal diesel engine sich as cylinder in line..etc ?
03.09.2007 20:27 Offline

Join Date: 20.03.2004

I am no expert, but SEMT Pielstick is (was) simply an engine manufacturer in the same way MAN B&W , EE , Maybach etc are. Pielstick was the name of its founder, an engineer by the name of G. Pielstick. Commercial and performance dictates and requirements are what basically set the engines technically apart.
03.09.2007 20:46 Offline EMU12

Join Date: 31.08.2007
Emmmm !

Thank q hafizi for the info !.
04.09.2007 02:09 Offline

Join Date: 20.03.2004

the one decorated as 22102 at Musem Negara is actually 22121 - the serial plate on her confirms her original identity.
18.10.2007 18:37 Offline EMU12


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